Individual Sponsorship

I really love teaching people how to overcome sex shame and explore pleasurable, consensual, authentic sexuality. However, most speakers do not get paid for time spent researching, preparing, or presenting workshops. Our ability to continue sex education depends on individual sponsors who believe deeply that our work is valuable and effective in our struggle for sexual freedom and social justice. If you are interested in sponsoring future workshops, any donation amount would be appreciated. 

If you buy a gift from my Wish List, and send proof of your purchase to, I will send you exclusive content just to say thanks! 

Retail Sponsorship

Retail sponsorships are available to like-minded businesses who would like to advertise books, products, or storefronts on media including YouTube videos, podcasts, and product reviews. I can also promote your business at events. The sponsorship helps to cover for expenses for conference registration and travel, web hosting, and content creation on the website or sexfortherest social media platforms.

Buy Sex-Positive Swag

Visit the Sexfortherest Redbubble Store for sex-positive swag! This is win-win. You get new digs, and I get funding for future sex activism and education. Or the ability to eat that day. Whichever comes first. All t-shirts, stickers, bags, and decor are custom designed by Erin Kennedy. 

Official Affiliates

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