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CatalystCon West - "Care and Control in Power Exchange Relationships"

  • Burbank, California (map)
Sponsor Erin at CatalystCon East

I am thrilled to be presenting this workshop at CatalystCon in Los Angeles, CA in September! This workshop is based on my most popular post, "Care and Control in Power Exchange Relationships.

Care and Control In Power Exchange Relationships
Erin Kennedy

There are about as many types of power exchange relationships as there are thoughts and feelings about topic. A nearly endless spectrum of power play dynamics can be found within Kink. This is not foreign to you. You’ve played with power exchange before if you’ve ever had rough sex, held a partner down by the wrists, or allowed yourself to be blindfolded. The amount, type, and duration of power exchange are all variables that are negotiated between partners.

There are many resources that discuss the exchange of control, but not enough discuss that along with the transfer of control also comes a negotiated expectation of care. Both identities, dominant and submissive, can take a toll on the individuals involved and the relationship in which the dynamics are employed, and both have a responsibility to serve the other. Yes. The dominant serves the submissive, too. In fact, it’s often quipped in the kink community that if you don’t know that the submissive holds all the power, you don’t know much about BDSM.

 Photography by Stacie Joy 

Photography by Stacie Joy 

This workshop examines the idea that participants in power exchange relationships agree that there will be an exchange of not only control, but of care. Examples of how control and care are given and received in balance in the best relationships are discussed in this class suited to Kinksters and Kink-Curious of all experience levels.

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