An Open Letter to my Future Metamours

Can I have a hug? I bet we are going through a lot of the same things. We do love the same person, after all. They can be stubborn and frustrating, can’t they? And yet… so worth holding on to….

I’m not surprised he loves you. Look at you. I haven’t even met you yet but I know you’re a person that commands respect in your own right. You’re not doormat or a weakling. You struggle and you survive. You fight. A little sassy sometimes, right? But you can back up your shit with fact.


I understand why he loves you.

We should go have a smoke together, sister. Pass the pipe and break some bread.

We don’t have to compete. Please, don’t try to compete. I am not passively aggressively liking your pictures with our partner on Facebook. I’m really happy when he’s happy. Yes, it’s hard sometimes to feel like you’re missing out on good times. But my daydreams about us include you, friend. You don’t have to love me. Just accept me. I promise I’ll do the same.

We can help each other. When he’s in a low spot and questions whether or not he’s good enough for you, and he wonders whether he should let you go - I’ll remind him all the beautiful things you bring to his life. All the love and affection and happy memories he’d lose if he lost you. I hope you’ll do the same for me. Let’s decide help each other make happy memories with him.

Let’s decide to keep each other.

We should go pass the pipe, love. Tell our stories in the smoke.

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Hajime's Shibari: Japanese Rope Bondage

Tokyo’s fetish for fetishes is hardly a secret. The weird, the taboo, the edges of erotic play can all be found in the hundreds of private fetish clubs in the densely-packed metropolis. The birthplace of manga and tentacle porn, Tokyo’s conservatism is a thin canopy that shades a jungle of forbidden desires, erotic art, and kink culture.


Counterfeit Kink Communities: Surprise, It's All A Power Trip

The safety of Kinksters is at risk because we fail to be more than a collective of people with similar interests and goals. We fail to hold each other accountable, we fail in supporting each other, and in creating an environment where people feel safe enough to be authentic. 


Guess where those legislators in Michigan probably got their sex education

We made these legislators. Our schools educated them about sex, sex shame, and sexism. We taught them the culture they are trying to uphold. 


That Time My Lover Drove Across The Country And Met My Boyfriend

I have consented to be wrecked. “We will shatter,” I said. Now pieces of me at being scattered across the country. I am bruised blue with heartache. But I’m proud of my marks. They're evidence of my strength. This love is beautiful, even shattered to pieces.  

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Yes. I Play Dangerously. I Let Him Take My Breath Away

Yes. I play dangerously. We’re drifting towards an event horizon instead of orbiting a sun eternally. We will shatter. The benefits of sexual freedom are bittersweet sometimes. When love is dynamic, the changes can take time. It hurts to adjust.


Trigger Warnings Are The Arm Floaties of The Internet

I hate to be the one to break it to you, love. There’s going to be pain in your life. There are going to be moments when you feel like the waters have drifted up over your nose, and you have to stretch to get a breath. It’s going to happen. Consider yourself warned.

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CatalystCon Confessions

You always learn the most when you're interacting with the people between the workshops at sex education conventions like CatalystCon. Don't get me wrong, the workshops are worthy of the price of entrance. But its the intimate moments when all that juicy bits of sexual goodness really hit home.

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Seditious Sex

Inside Iran's Seditious Sex Scene:  It’s Friday. In Tehran, young urbanites are gearing up for the weekend. In the city’s affluent neighborhoods, friends and family of the elite gather behind the relative privacy of four walls to socialize, drink, and let their hair down. 

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You're Probably Kinkier Than You Think

If you’ve had a few sex partners, it’s likely you’ve experienced some form of BDSM, even if you aren’t exactly sure what that jumble of letters means. If you’ve ever used a necktie to bind your partner’s wrists to the bedpost, or felt the warm tingle of a slap on your skin and liked it, or murmured blush-inducing adulation of her slutty mouth, then you have already been acquainted with the culture of Kink.