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Deflating the Controversy over Trigger Warning Arm Floaties - Gentleperverts' Social Club Podcast Interview

I sheathed my sharp tongue long enough to discuss the pros and cons of trigger warnings and their effect on how we communicate with each other on the Gentleperverts' Social Club Podcast with Dylan Thomas and Crista Ann. 

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Interview with Susan Wright, Founder of a National Advocacy Organization for Kinksters

Her authority as an advocate for sexual freedom comes from living nearly 20 years as a writer, speaker, sex educator, and Kinkster. She has skin in the game. It's a skin she's clearly comfortable being in. Through her work in the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, thousands of others are learning to be safe and comfortable in theirs. 

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DallasKink Interview: How To Get People To Let You Hang Them Off Bridges

"I’m willing to hop one gate, that’s my mantra to doing guerrilla bondage, but two gates means that you just really shouldn’t be in there. But models will occasionally go, 'No, c’mon, let’s go! It’s just right up here!' And so next thing you know I’m climbing another fence." - Dallas Kink 

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