Counterfeit Kink Communities - The People of Kink Podcast (AUDIO)

I am so grateful to The People of Kink Podcast for having me back on to talk about my blog "Counterfeit Communities: Surprise, It's All A Power Trip." 

Call me an idealist, but I believe it is actually possible to create the authentic communities that we really need. When the collective does not keep its members safe, provide education, or provides a system of support, it fails to be a community. But with open communication, empathy, and embedded consent culture, and access to public space, we might be able to start living up to our own ideals. 

In this podcast, I talk more in depth about the elements we need to focus on in order to create authentic community: 

Access to public space

Freedom to self actualize without discrimination

A web of deep, interrelated relationships

Embedded consent culture