People of Kink Podcast - Empowered Submission

My first podcast ever was with "People of Kink," and I couldn't have picked a better one. Crazy Heart is a Toronto based Kinkster who has been featuring Kinksters from all over the world on his podcast. He and I are both really interested in dispelling the myth that Kinksters are some weirdo freaks who keep leather gimps in the basement (I wouldn't mind having a leather gimp honestly. One can dream.) But things like that are purely media fantasy. In reality, Kinksters are real people - teachers, nurses, and the geeky IT guy down the hall. We are not deviant or dangerous. Statistically, Kinksters are on average more intelligent, more creative, communicate more openly, have more disposable income, and stronger ties to community

I was so thrilled to be asked to be a guest on "People of Kink" as I was first beginning my journey into writing about alternative sexuality and film making. I really appreciate Crazy Heart giving me a chance to speak about how I became a more empowered submissive, and what kind of dominant (if any) would ever be able to tame me.  

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