5 Things All Sex Geeks Need To See On Social Media

My tumblr account is definitely NSFW at this point. There are an alarming number of porn gifs on there. It didn't happen on purpose. It's not like I was trolling porno tumblr accounts. But sometimes when I'm looking for the images that I use for this blog, they come up in the mix. I really don't mind. 

So if you see me at the coffee shop casually thumbing through porn on my phone, it's research. I swear. And to prove it, I have my five of my favorite sexy, geeky pages on social media that keep me satisfied and coming back for more. 

1. "ThatLooksLikeASnatch" on Instagram 

There's something empowering about witnessing the female form in everyday life. All the images are beautiful, some of them are giggle-worthy.

Plus, the word snatch makes me think of a dick-gobbling venus fly trap. Like a cross between the movie "Teeth" and Seymour for "Little Shop of Horrors." 

Video games are after care. Screenshot from  here . 

Video games are after care. Screenshot from here

All the little moments in D/s relationships that make you go "bawww."  Cute, funny, and awkward moments that leave me with #relationshipgoals. I have used "Submissive Guy Comics" as examples of reciprocal care in power exchange. The series on after care should be bookmarked for reference. 

It's also an example of something other than the violent, humiliation crazed FemDom in the media. Finally. The variety of relationship types featured in the comics is pretty spectacular, too. I always try to imagine what the dynamic of their power exchange really are. 

3. "Stuff Mom Never Told You" on YouTube

This is literally stuff my mom never told me. Told to me as if I'm the age that she should have told me this stuff. If you are also a grown person who looks around for an adult when adulty things happen, this is for you. I'm with her on #awkwardconversations about STDs. But don't take the light-hearted for lack of depth. Are you ready for the real reason why some guys get mad if you don't answer every email on a dating site with at least a no? "It’s the pain of male entitlement and female autonomy disregarded simultaneously." MIC DROP. 

4. "Poly Role Models" on  Tumblr

Totally relatable Q&A's with polyamorous couples with all the same struggles as meeeeeeeee. Probably you, too. If you ever wonder if you're the only one. NOPE. The "role models" featured on this blog are just as fucked up as we are. Kevin the Blogger says the premise of the blog is “flawed people making polyamory work." I think that's kinda perfect. 

Also, I have a game I like to play with all poly blogs. How many flips of my thumb before I see the words "Google Calendars." This time it was three. 

5. "Life on the Swingset" on iTunes

First of all, Cooper Beckett. Second of all, Cooper Beckett. If you're trying to get comfy with ethical non-monogamy, these are the people to do it with. Sex positive, body positive quirky vibes abound. Even with a positive tone, they don't pull punches.  That is something I appreciate. This is sex for creative, playful people - definitely geek worthy politics and opinions. Their recent episode on "Intellectual Foreplay" was making me giggle and blush in public. Sapiosexuals abound here. Must see.