Foria Cannabis Lube Delivers Knock-Out Orgasms

It might be the oral fixation, but the first thing I did when I got the spray bottle of Foria cannabis lube was check the ingredients to make sure it's edible, and then spritz my tongue with it. There’s nothing worse than having wet, hot sex with someone and miss out on cunnalingus or throat fucking because someone doesn’t like the taste the lube. No worries with Foria. It’s coconut oil and 450 mg of THC, so if you’re ok with the taste of pot brownies (minus the chocolate), then you should be ok with the taste of this.

Round One: The taste test. 

And did I just give Foria an idea for a product upgrade? Please oh fucking please make this stuff taste like pot brownies. Then again, we may be traveling down a slippery slope here. I would not thrilled to see Cheeto flavored cannalube on shelf, but hey, maybe that appeals to someone.

The coconut oil based lube is certainly ok to lick off your partner’s genitals, but it could erode latex condoms. When I spoke with the folks behind Foria, they had just sourced out an organic alternative to coconut oil that would maintain a similar silky feel. That product is still under development. In the meantime, it's safe to use with polyurethane and nitrile condoms.

There really couldn't be a better time for me to stumble into cannabis lube. A couple of months ago I learned that I have a soft-ball sized tumor in my uterus. There’s nothing like feeling like you have an alien tumor baby growing inside you to wreak havoc on your libido. Vaginal dryness is definitely not an issue I’m use to struggling with, but like everyone, it happens. If my head is not in the game, it's just not going to work the same down there. Despite what Ronda Rousey recently stated in her interview with Maxim, I am quite confident that none of my lovers would accuse me of laziness because I’m not as slick as I was before my uterus housed a massive fibroid. No lube ever, Ronda? Really? Ronda has a hard-working pussy. Not like you lazy, non-lube producing assholes.

 (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images) 

That’s ok Ronda. That leaves more for the rest of us. Foria is organic lubricant infused with just enough medical cannabis to make your pink parts happy. It has successfully helped people with endometriosis and other issues have more enjoyable sex with stronger orgasms.

It certainly helped with mine. Having passed the round one oral test, I tried Foria in a bare-knuckle solo session for the next experiment. Snuggled into a cloud of pillows and comforters with my hitachi and The Pope from on my laptop, I can usually give my pussy four or five orgasms before I’m ready to tackle the day. Even after the first three orgasms, a 3-4 spritz of Foria on my labia put extra punch behind the fourth O, and the tingle of increased blood flow was was a nice residual effect that stayed with me for a while even when I was done. As a Kinkster, I’m all about the covert sexual play. I may look like I’m having casual coffee with a friend, but underneath my skirt my pussy was tingly and just swollen enough to keep my attention distracted.


Foria passed the first two rounds with flying colors, so I was ready to try it out with a friend. Can’t say how it did for vaginal dryness because I had soaked my panties before they hit the floor. But my partner said it felt a little slicker at first, and he could definitely feel an increased blood flow when I massaged it into his penis. Could just be my hand-jobber skills. But I’m willing to share the credit with Foria. It also did not prevent him from slurping up my juicebox like a man dying of thirst. Overall, all of my orgasms were a few degrees more powerful when I used Foria and was actually patient enough to wait thirty or so minutes before having my brains fucked into oblivion.

For someone with endometriosis, vaginal dryness, or other pain, Foria could be a life-changer in the quality of sex possible. If you’re exploring sex, Foria could add a layer of comfort and relaxation to make exploration more enjoyable.  Even if you’re a heavy weight champion in sex (or just have sexual hubris like me), Foria cannabis lube can add an extra one-two punch to an already knock-out match. 

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