Who am I to talk?

Glad you asked. "Consider the source" is the mantra to chant when you're trying to navigate a subculture complete with its own language, rituals, traditions, etiquette, and expectations. 

As an advocate for human rights... 

As a humanist, I believe that all rights are human rights. A strong sense of social justice has been a rudder on my ship for many years. I am an educator with a reputation for student advocacy, an active member in social reform organizations, a documentarian of social revolutions, and a mouthy, fiery writer with strong opinions on social uprising and sexual freedom. 

As a member of the poly and Kink collective...

First of all, I'm a geek for kink. I even read the boring medical journals about sadomasochism. I celebrated the day the American Psychiatric Association updated the DSM-5. We're not mental anymore! I am a certified by Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts as a sexuality educator, and an alumni of Tristan Taormino's Sex Educator Bootcamp. I am also professionally associated with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, and the New England Leather Alliance. I attend sexuality conventions and workshops all over the United States, and speak on topics including affirmative consent and abuse awareness, safe kink play, and empowered submission. And because I am such an insatiable geek for kink, I have been practicing the art of bondage, sadomasochism, and power exchange (Dominance and submission) for about 15 years. I am also an ethical polyamorist, and an ally to sex workers. 

There are a lot of "internet experts" and *ahem* authors who think that what they read is the same thing that is practiced in the lives of people who are sexually othered. I'm here to help balance the narrative with solid history in sex-positive communities, thoughtful insight and reflection, and an authoritative voice on what it is really like to live as a sexual outlaw in the United States. 

#ConsentCounts is a campaign by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom which educates on safe, sane, consensual BDSM practice.

All of your pledges help me continue this conversation about sexual freedom through writing and video. Thank you so much.

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As an educator...

As an educator I consistently served on leadership teams and demonstrated a proven track record of student academic success. But more importantly, my classroom was often a safe haven for LGBTQ preteens and other disenfranchised students. As a college-readiness academic program coordinator, I often found my best and brightest candidates sitting outside the principal's office. Where advocacy and creative teaching strategies were encouraged, I excelled beyond my ranks.